How To Get Free Products To Review

How To Get Free Products To Review

Ever wondered why and how the system of free products work? To answer that- companies launch out various items monthly, and they want an honest and unfiltered opinion from someone good who gives unbiased reviews.

This system is truly a beneficial model for the company and the reviewer as the reviewer gets to test the latest products and sometimes gets to keep them forever.

Why Would Companies Send You Free Products To Review

Why Would Companies Send You Free Products To Review
  • Having a fact sheet of various critical feedback helps them make changes before the product or service gets rolled out to the general paying consumers.
  • The system helps the company to save money on a full-scale launch. This process becomes very beneficial when the product has significant flaws. They do not need to alter their marketing practices or spend and lose excess money on recalling the products from the market.
  • They also get a clean and clear idea about the product’s actual demographics without any marketing study. Companies can then alter and base their sales on the target demographics they have seen via the reviewers.
  • Solves problems with current products and ways to change them for a better user experience.

Ways To Get Free Products To Review 

Ways To Get Free Products To Review

While the Internet is flooded with thousands of links that promise to give free products, one needs to be sure that you aren’t getting scammed.

You can follow our safety guidelines that will surely help you find products in a non-scammy way.

#1 Email

Emailing is the most classic and foolproof method that will let you contact the company. Do a little research on the company that you wish to review for and send them an honest email regarding your proposition.

You can get the details of their company website from the “Contact Us” page. They might use your reviews for their website, use them to alter the product, or you can post the products’ reviews on your blog or YouTube channel. 

Tip: We highly recommend being creative and researching newer companies that require reviews. Try finding newer companies or less known companies who are struggling in the market.

This way, you have greater chances of hearing back from them as they are looking for such reviewers and usually do not wish to spend on an in-house testing program.

#2 Signing Up For Newsletters

Signing up for newsletters is an excellent way to get amazing freebies and discounts without paying a buck. You do not need to review them either.

Many companies offer a welcome gift, a free coupon to shop on their site, or even a dining coupon. You might have to fill out a short form that will give them access to your email, birthdate, and phone number.

#3 Signing Up To Various Product Testing Sites

Product testing websites are 3rd party sites that curate and send products for you to review. For example, they might give you a box of several products at once, and you have to submit your honest review by answering their questionnaire.

#4 Create An Online Presence

Creating an online presence and dedicating your entire time isn’t a great option initially, but you can build your whole empire by reviewing just products.

The most trusted platform that people will use is Youtube for such reviews. Once you clarify that you provide honest reviews, the companies will start sending you P.R. packages and review products for free without approaching them.

Thus, reviewing can be a viable career if you are ready to put some time into it.

Free Sample Boxes

The following are free sample boxes that you can receive from various third-party websites:

#1 ibotta Free Products

#1 ibotta Free Products

ibotta is a great website that lets you get the products for free without reviewing any product. You are bound to get full-sized products for absolutely free. You need to sign up on their app ( iOS and Android) to get the products.

Apart from receiving full-sized products, you can also earn cashback on most of your groceries. You need to pay for the product, and the purchase gets fully reimbursed within 24 hours.

#2 Home Tester Club

Home Tester Club lets you take a product’s test; after completion, you will likely receive your product in the mail, which then needs to be reviewed.

After using it, you have to hop on their online test to answer the questions and help the company get the most accurate reviews. Apart from this, the site also has weekly competitions and sweepstakes that you can win.

The most exciting part is the company’s worldwide reach. This website isn’t available only in the U.S. but in many countries like India, China, France, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, and the U.K.

#3 Influenster

#3 Influenster

Influnster’s iconic VoxBox is yet another sample box that lets you review the products in exchange for the contents inside.

You need to create a neat profile and fill in accurate information about your lifestyle and brand preferences to get the best deals.

Influencers require you to follow them on all social media platforms. Upon selection, you will receive a box full of free products that need your honest option.

You might also be asked to click a picture with the product while using it per the brand’s requirements.

#4 Toluna

Toluna Influencers is one of the leading brands that lets its users test the products for free in exchange for reviews. You can get many products from different brands like conditioner, body wash, shampoo, toiletries, cosmetics, and much more.

They have also started survey offerings which can be a great way to earn some extra cash on the side.

#5 UserTesting

UserTesting is an exciting and impressively simple website to use. Instead of getting free products, you need to review and test websites in exchange for money. Once the test gets cleared, you will be given various sites to try.

After completion, the company pays you $10 via PayPal for every review. The approximate time for each assessment is anywhere between 15 minutes to 20 minutes.

Companies Offering Free Review Units

#1 Fitbit Field Tester

#1 Fitbit Field Tester

Health and fitness experts get ready as Fitbit offers you the chance to join their community of Fitbit testers.

Once you get on the team, you can test the gadget, its app features, and various other parts of the device as the entire product goes through different development stages.

#2 Vogue Insiders

Vogue magazine has always had a Vogue Insiders panel that gets to sample free beauty or fashion-related products. In exchange, you need to provide honest feedback, which will help the magazine’s content.

#3 Reebok Product Tester

#3 Reebok Product Tester

Once you fill the form, the company then assigns you the task of testing out their new range of shoes for 2-4 weeks straight. Testing usually involves wearing the boots and keeping a detailed activity log from day to day.

You will need to mail the shoes back after your period to let the company inspect the beating of the product.

#4 Roku Beta Tester

Roku is always looking for new reviewers to test their products and look out for various bugs or issues with their hardware and software range.  

Make Use Of The Amazon Review Site

Make Use Of The Amazon Review Site

Amazon review sites are an excellent way of getting free Amazon products by writing a review of the same product. But as Amazon’s new customer review policy, you need to put a disclaimer that you have purchased the product at a discounted price.

To avail of their offers, one needs to sign in via third-party apps that let you use coupons and discounts in return for honest reviews.

This process becomes possible when amazon sellers want to get top ratings and partner with these 3rd party apps to connect them with the users. You are bound to get a 50% to 90% discount on various items.


The page mentions that they are not in any way affiliated with Amazon, but the site helps you snag special coupons for your purchase. You need to sign up to EliteDealClub and follow their steps to get the best deals.

#2 EtekCitizen

EtekCitzen is an excellent program from EtekCity if you are looking to try new tech-related products. After enrolling in the EtekCitizen program, you will get free giveaways and receive discount promotions for the products.

#3 Snag shot

Snag shot is another amazon review site that lets you buy the products for discounted rates in exchange for reviews.

Again, you might have to pay for the shipping, but you do not need to worry about the extra charges if you already have Amazon Prime.

Make Yourself Recognizable

Make Yourself Recognizable
  • The central part lies in presenting yourself while approaching the company directly or filling out the application form. Make sure to fill the form as honestly as you can and try to make your profile credible. Use the platform creatively and try to attract the company by using clever yet honest words.
  • Give excellent reviews and tell the company what’s precisely missing. This process slowly makes you trustworthy, and according to the platform you are trying, they might even add you to their list of trusted reviewers. Getting on the list increases your chances of receiving the products.
  • Do not haphazardly review products; it’s the crucial part, and you must be 100 percent true.
  • Avoid lying on the review and test. The result will throw off the company’s calculation, and you will be asked to leave the program.
  • Build a solid online portfolio that looks credible. This step is essential in case you are cold pitching the companies directly.


It is essential to understand that while you are getting the products for free, you need to do justice to the product by giving an honest and transparent review. Unfortunately, you will not receive the products as soon as you sign up.

There might be a waiting period, a long list of testers, and changes in the distribution channel. To get the most out of your side hustle, we encourage you to sign up on various platforms and keep trying several times.

Doing this will surely increase your chances of getting free products.


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