How To Be More Charismatic

How To Be More Charismatic

How do they do it? The people who usually light up the whole room when they speak and make everyone attracted towards them?

We all have wondered this and wished we were at their place basking in the warmth of everyone’s admiration. The answer isn’t as tricky or complicated as you think; It’s all about being charismatic.

If you are looking for the answers on how to be more charismatic without losing your original personality, then you have stumbled across a great article.

We are here to teach you the tricks of the trade so you can be confident in your next meet, call, or shoot.

It is proved that the most charismatic leaders that you find in the history of humankind always have an aura and the personality trait of being supportive, nurturing, considerate, and sensitive.

But, on the other hand, no human being enjoys or likes an arrogant, dominant, or demanding personality that speaks over everyone and thinks lessers of others.

To know the exact steps, keep reading as we dive deep to understand the complex yet simple nature of charisma.

If you’d like to see a graphical breakdown on how to be more charismatic, we got you covered:

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What Is Charisma

What Is Charisma

Now that we have used this word several times, you should know the exact meaning. Charisma is a unique charm, influence, and attraction that works on people around you irrespective of age, gender, or ethical stand and morals.

No two charismatic people have the same charisma, as each individual is different. Their levels of charisma differ as their personality melts into their behavior. Some are a little quieter, while some have excellent communication skills. 

Can Charisma Be Taught?

Can Charisma Be Taught?

According to an interesting study conducted by the University of Lausanne, it is possible to teach charisma and develop it with a few steps to create an impactful personality.

People who build charisma are often considered a leader. The research also unpacked that the concept of charisma isn’t simply handed down or received as a gift from a higher entity.

One needs to train themselves to dial-up their charisma level cautiously. Many leadership coaching trainers and personality developers focus on these characteristics to help people become more positive, giving, and confident.

11 Tips To Boost On-Camera Charisma

Often showing your charisma becomes very tough when you are on a screen. The reason can be the screen that constantly hinders communication between you and the person or group you wish to impress.

For example, you might want a little boost on your business Zoom calls or want to record yourself for a video. Whatever the reason, it is essential to note that you will need to make a few conscious efforts to come off as a likable person via a screen.

#1 Make Eye Contact

#1 Make Eye Contact

This tip is not the most groundbreakingly new suggestion, but, shockingly, not many people follow this despite knowing it. Eye contact will always draw people in and assure them that you are interested.

If you are conversing via a screen, make sure to keep a steady, friendly gaze on the person you are talking to or listening to.

#2 Script Your Talk 

This tip is a lifesaver, and you need to use it every time. Having a rough script or bullet talking points can add so much surety and confidence to your speech. You would surely not blabber and keep a steady flow of thoughts.

This way, you can communicate all your points while keeping it natural. Do not rote the lines or script; this will indeed sound unnatural.

Learning to go a little off-script is necessary as you do not know what the other person will ask. You need to read the room and act accordingly.

#3 Smile As Much As You Can

#3 Smile As Much As You Can

Smiling makes you approachable and confident instantly. Do not keep an unnatural grin at all times but learn a way to smile authentically. A trustworthy smiling face emulates warmth and confidence.

Keep in mind the most famous runway tip- smile with your eyes instead of your mouth. 

#4 The Classic 20% Rule

You all might be familiar with the saying of camera adding 10lbs to your weight; while that is true, it also roughly reduced 20% of the energy.

This energy reduction usually happens when one acts like they are casually talking when a screen or camera is in front. It would be best if you were a little animated to pull up the scene’s energy or shot.

Try to increase your energy as it surely can be infectious.

#5 Talking Slowly Boosts Your Charisma

#5 Talking Slowly Boosts Your Charisma

Talking at a considerable slow speed is exceptionally vital if you want to put your point forward. Fast speaking usually tires the listener, and they have to pay extra attention to your speaking, which after some time becomes unbearable.

To avoid this, keeping a slow speed lets your audience understand your matter very clearly and helps to build a better connection.

It also gives your listener time to process the information while giving you extra time to frame your sentences and use appropriate value-inducing words.

#6 Maintain a Good Posture

Standing tall with both your shoulders back is the ideal posture. Having good posture is equally important when you are sitting. Often when we sit, we tend to slouch down and slump; this instantly looks off-putting.

Train your back and mind to stay in an erect posture at all times. Always correct yourself when you look at your reflection in the mirror. A good posture always feels inviting and welcoming.

Always make a point to use your hands in your conversation or presentation, don’t let them keep hanging awkwardly or act rude by keeping them in your pockets at all times.

#7 Dress To Impress Indeed

#7 Dress To Impress Indeed

The clothes you choose to put on become your statement and brand for the day. Believe it or not, clothing alone can hugely impress people within seconds. Your wardrobe truly creates a sharp but long-lasting positive or negative image.

Even studies show that wearing clothes indirectly affects your confidence level. Dressing the part will surely boost your self-esteem and confidence, which gets plastered all over your daily behavior.

You must surely have felt a passionate, professional person while wearing something crisp and classy. We do not recommend going the extra mile to be uncomfortable; always wear something that makes you comfortable rather than running behind trends.

It can adversely affect the charisma as you would feel uncomfortable and insecure the whole day in your ill-fitting or uncomfortable clothes. 

#8 Pay Heed To The Other Person Talking

This suggestion is yet another tip that every person who wishes to become charismatic should keep in mind. Do not make everything about you and give other people the stage to talk.

While they talk, be courteous and always be attentive, and nod to show your attention. Do not be afraid to ask various open-ended questions to keep the conversation going.

Make sure your questions are relevant and appropriate according to the social situation. Instead of acting like listening, make sure that you are genuinely paying attention to their talks.

#9 Complementing

#9 Complementing

Giving genuine compliments is an excellent way to bond with others. Whenever you are doing a two-way communication via screen, shower the person with sincere compliments. These compliments do not have to be elaborate or detailed.

For example, a quick “You did your research and educated us with your presentation” would cheer the other person rather than saying “Good work.” These tiny little things are something that makes a person charismatic.

Complementing someone on their appearance can be tricky during a work environment because you do not want to sound unprofessional. Instead, try to compliment their achievements and talents.

#10 Be respectful

One essential thing to becoming charismatic is becoming respectful of everyone irrespective of their size, color, age, gender, or occupation. Having a little empathy and treating everyone with respect will surely put you in people’s good books.

#11 Be relatable

One exciting way to become charismatic is becoming relatable by sharing stories. Humor can be an excellent way to induce this. For example, you can share a funny story or anecdote to grab everyone’s attention.

You can also use these tips mentioned above for offline surroundings, business meetings, reunions, or anywhere in public.

To make the magic work, you need to ensure that you are using your common sense and being present in the moment. 

Can You Fake Charisma?

Can You Fake Charisma?

We would not call the process ‘faking it’ but the ongoing development of teaching a more natural and charismatic behavior.

No one is born with perfect skills and personalities from the beginning; they craft it, practice it and hone it to make it an integral part of their life. In the same way, practicing being charismatic is your first step in becoming a truly charismatic person.


Being charismatic is an ongoing process requiring you to be passionate about the people you are talking to, have enthusiasm, and display a positive outlook even during challenging situations.

To top off, you also need to be an empath, optimistic person and have healthy self-esteem. All these big-little elements work in unison to create a dynamic personality that is genuinely charismatic.

If you are on the fence, remember that it is never too late to start your journey of becoming a charismatic person.


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