How to Make Money/Get Paid for Reviewing Products

How to Make Money/Get Paid for Reviewing Products

What is the most significant difference between 2019 and today? Yes, the global community has significantly strengthened its online fortress.

This shift to the internet gives a lot of power to the people who control this sphere. And who are these influential people? Online reviewers. 

Can You Make a Living Out Of Reviews?

Can You Make a Living Out Of Reviews?

With entire markets shifting online, the cusp of glory is retained by people who ratify and validate retail objects on the net. Today you can find an easy source of income in becoming an online reviewer.

The job is a pretty easy one, too. You purchase and use a particular product or service, and then you draft a letter of validation for the same. Then, you post it on the internet. 

Over time, sellers will give up their market power to reviewers that reign in more sales because of their content. Who knew it would pay to have a hyperactive online presence that could earn you some quick bucks!

Either way, the process of leaving a review on goods and services that you have used is an integral part of the marketplace. It helps future customers choose better and simultaneously allows businesses to make the products better. 

Let us check out some ways you can indulge in reviewing products and earning money. 

Building a Personal Brand

Building a Personal Brand

Conquer the internet one opinion at a time with a personal blog. You have the controls to it and are free to review whatever product or service you want. It takes minimal effort to set up a blogging website, and it can prove to be mighty helpful. 

The process is relatively simple. Use the product, and describe your experience using words and multimedia. Gradually, you will get the hang of writing about those specific things that a shopper wants to know. 

Once you stick to a routine of reviews and gain some traction, you will begin to form a trusted relationship with your viewers. They will try to look up your website whenever they require a new product that you have reviewed.

As the footfall to your website increases, you can strike a deal with the product manufacturer themselves and grab a commission every time someone uses your site to find out about a product. Now, in the age of limbo, you suddenly have a stamp of validation. 

Your blog can be a typical WordPress or Blogspot affair, or you can use other free public forums like YouTube to gain popularity fast. You can soon start to earn some money using your “unboxing” content by making short, entertaining, and informative videos.

How To Choose a Niche

How To Choose a Niche

It isn’t very difficult to pick a genre of reviews. Pick what you are comfortable with or something at which you’re practically an expert. If you are mad about cell phones and the technology that comes with them, become a cell phone reviewer. 

If you’re into fashion, then you can try to review clothes on online fashion websites. The sheer amount of people who want to get their perfect fit online is mind-blowing.

A large number of these customers need to know if the clothes they are buying are standard fit, or if they come to a size larger, or if they are a tight fit so that they can order accordingly. 

The trick is to check out the playing field before you enter the game. Read and catalog the competition before starting with your own content. You will find a significant amount to learn from other reviewers.

You will learn cool secret tricks of the trade and the jargon. You will find out which companies are willing to give out products to test, for free, in return for a review. Keep these companies close. If they have a good product, give them a shoutout. 

So, pick an interest of yours, and off you go!

Companies That Will Pay For Reviews

Companies That Will Pay For Reviews

Ultimately, businesses also understand the value of good reviews. They will go to any lengths to get more and more people to try their product and give them feedback. 

Both good and bad feedback is vital to the company that manufactures the product. Good reviews help them market the product better, while bad reviews allow them to fix glitches. 

Some companies will conduct regular surveys of their products and try to find out if anything is bothering their customers proactively.

An example, in this case, can be Google Rewards, an app that is designed to ask users about their experience on Google that pays you in return. Basically, you tell Google how you feel about their service, and they give you cash.

While the money isn’t transferred to your bank account, it is transferred to your Google account, where you can use it to purchase books, movies, games, and many more things.

The only drawback of the Rewards app is that the app decides when it wants to survey you

Another such place on the internet is Swagbucks, a shopping mall for reviewers. You have to answer online surveys about specific brands, products, and services.

Additionally, you can also sign up to test certain products, which will earn you unique “SB points” after you leave a review. You can redeem these points for gift cards or PayPal cash. 

Several companies, like Vindale Research and Pinecone Research, allow users to become product testers. You can test products after signing up on their website. Joining the Vindale cause might earn you a maximum of $50 per survey.

You can cash the money out whenever you want once you have made a minimum of $50. On the other hand, Pinecone offers its users access to unreleased products.

The company will send you a product, and you have to answer a questionnaire about the same. You can earn points for doing this, which can be redeemed for gift cards, brand-name merch, or cash. 

You can find many more such forums that easily allow you to become a product tester and earn some passive income.

The Moniker Of Social Media

The Moniker Of Social Media

If you’re online but not using social media, what are you doing lurking there anyway? The competition between reviewers is tense, and being a social media guru in this day and age is like bringing a gun to a knife fight. 

There is something that works hand in hand with social media, benefiting online reviewers – small businesses. Small businesses want to grow fast. And they have to have an active media presence to ensure that.

So, it makes sense if they offer their services to their customers and then get them to review the service. 

What can be more beneficial for a young business tycoon is having a significantly large user base following you on social media. Since everything in business is ultimately related to the footfall that the product brings, your grand Instagram following can actually pay your bills. 

Let’s say you have an Instagram or TikTok account with 45,000 followers, where every video you post gets more than a million views. In this case, businesses should be flocking at your doorstep right about now.

Why won’t a company want their product on a stage with millions of viewers?

Therefore, you must build an online persona on a social media website to pitch the collaboration to any business you want. However, you must remember never to ask very small businesses for free products because they are in severe need of funding. 


It isn’t very challenging to earn money by reviewing products online. There are millions of products that need a stamp of verification from their customers.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the marketplace has moved to Ethernet cables and has made publicity by word-of-mouth of secondary importance. Online reviews are a new rage now. 

While helping the company sell more products, these reviews also help them configure their products and rid them of their faults. Softwares conduct intensive beta testing to make sure that their product is devoid of bugs and glitches.

Reviews are no different. They may happen before the launch of a product or afterward, too. 

The key to being a good reviewer is to follow the principle of truth. You’re writing whatever you’re writing with utmost dedication and making sure that everything you put out is factually true.

Additionally, you are writing a review for the welfare of society. People need to buy good quality products from reputed merchants. 

Many times, reviewers are paid extra money to write positive reviews. That is where the truth kicks in. You must choose which side you want to advocate and write a review as you feel is right. 

Being a beta tester for any product, or writing online reviews on Amazon, or building your personal blog, website, YouTube channel, or Instagram profile is all a part of becoming a good reviewer.

A good reviewer who earns a decent income out of writing about their experience with a product.


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