How To Build A Personal Website Using Wix

How To Build A Personal Website Using Wix

What is a one-stop-shop solution for building a website of your own? There are too many answers. How about what is the best solution for building a website of your own? 

Wix – an easy-to-use application designed to drain your website woes away is the answer. It is a simple website builder for those who prefer a hands-off approach.

You can create beautiful, aesthetic websites using Wix’s templates without writing a line of code. 

Wix even has a unique setup ready in place for clients who want to join the E-Commerce boom. The website builder has templates and mechanisms in place already for such business enthusiasts.

It includes everything that you need to sell your products. Moreover, it also has particular blogging and marketing tools to create a fantastic experience for the final website product. You can use some of these tools for free as well. 

Wix also has an Artificial Intelligence Design Tool (ADI) to help young web developers make their jobs easier.

Furthermore, since Wix is a company specializing in this website development domain, it can provide security and maintenance while also catering to good quality customer support. 

Let us dive into the effortless process of designing a personal website on Wix. 

Design Your Personal Website

Get a Wix Account

Get a Wix Account

Once you have decided that you’re starting your website and have the content figured out, you can drop into Wix and get yourself an account. To do so, go to the Wix homepage and click “Get Started.” 

You will be prompted to provide personal details and your email address, and once you do, Wix will create your account

The sign-up process ends with a few questions about your website. Then you have to choose whether you want to design the website yourself or want the Wix ADI to step in and get some layouts done. 

Unleash The Wix ADI

You can ask the Wix ADI to design a personalized website for you. The ADI is one of the best proprietary services provided by any web development application on the net. 

The questions you answered in the sign-up process enable the ADI to come up with a few skins, and you can choose the one you like the most.

If this is your first time designing a website, your best bet would be to let the Wix ADI come up with something first. Then, you can edit the design later. 

Wix’s ADI, while being practical, only has a limited number of customization options compared to the actual editor. So if you have some essential experience in making a website, you can skip the ADI and move to edit the layout yourself. 

Once you ask the ADI to start designing, it will ask you a few more questions about your new project. It will then create a website based on your answers. Then, your website will open within the ADI editor. 

You can customize whatever options present inside the ADI editor. For example, you can change the website’s themes, fonts, layout, colors, etc.

Also, you can add elements to the webpage – text, multimedia, or certain buttons. Similarly, you can add pages to your website as well. 

Choosing a Wix Template

Choosing a Wix Template

If you feel you can design your website, you should click on “Choose a template” after signing up. It will take you to a hive of website template designs.

You can navigate through this by droning down on whatever category suits your website best. You can also view each template in demo mode. Finally, once you have found your golden template, click “Edit.” 

The Wix editor makes website designing a butter-smooth process. It allows you to drag and drop customizable objects on your website. You have to click on an element in the template you chose, and then you can alter its settings completely. Change the size, position, color, text, etc., with ease. 

In addition to the drag and drop editing, the Wix editor provides a special menu for further customization on the left side

Under “Menus and Pages,” you will find all the pages on your site. You can add new pages or edit the existing ones here. You can work on some crucial elements of your web pages here, too.

For example, you can work on the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website in this editor. You can also add images as thumbnails displayed when you share those pages on social media. Or you can also work on creating pages that require special access.

Under “Background,” you can change the background display of your website. In addition, Wix allows you to choose from its vast library of pictures, and you can upload your content here as well. 

Customize the elements on your page with the “Elements” option in the editor. You can add various aspects to your website like images or galleries, music, videos, buttons, hyperlinks, etc. 

Wix allows you to start blogging on the website at a moment’s notice. With the Wix Blogging Manager, it is unbelievably easy to publish a blog online. 

The website editor keeps in mind the needs of a client and allows them to shuffle between desktop mode and mobile mode with the press of a button.

It ensures that the website experience is felt on both types of devices. You can also view the analytics for your website using Wix. 

Wix Marketplace

The WixApp Marketplace offers a truckload of apps that can enhance the visitor experience of your website. Some apps are free, while some are premium, and you need to pay some money to avail of their services. 

You can proactively turn your website into an online store using these apps, or you can cater to creating and managing events using your website. The possibilities are endless!



Once you are ready with the final design, hit “Publish” and take your website online. 

Before taking you online, Wix will ask to confirm a domain name for the website. While there is no problem using the auto-generated domain name, you should use a customized name, especially if you have a serious website.

Then, you can connect your customized domain to the website you designed. 

Remember, customized domain names and URLs are a paid affair. On the other hand, a Wix domain will be free. However, “Wix” will show up in your URL. 

And that’s all, folks! That’s how you design and publish a website using Wix. 

Wix Vs. Other Website Builders

Wix Vs. Other Website Builders

Often referred to as the “Mercedes” of website designing, Wix offers robust and proprietary services to anyone who wants a fresh new website for free. However, shifting to another developer later may be problematic and costly, just like a Mercedes. 

Wix currently has 110 million users, and that is a feather in the cap of the company, which started in 2006. In addition to the gigantic spectrum of services mentioned above – unending template collection, drag-and-drop interface, easy services addition, easy marketing, etc. – Wix has incredible site speed.

It makes it a game-changer in its field. Wix can also help you create multiple websites of the same type without starting from scratch each time. 

While the company provides quality services for anyone looking to start an exciting blog, all those starting websites for serious reasons need certain extra services.

Now Wix does have all these services, but they are premium ones and require the user to pay to avail their use. Additionally, all the free content you use on your free new website comes with a Wix watermark that you cannot get rid of. 

Moreover, your site is not transferable, and the templates that you use are not interchangeable. Your site can also be owned by one person only. It can be complicated if you own a joint business. 

Because of these pros and despite all cons, Wix is probably the best option in the market for personal websites. Small businesses and essential e-commerce services can also put Wix’s services to good use. 

Some reviews about Wix have claimed that the website builder does the thinking for you, and you only have to nail the proper nouns. Maybe that “wizardry” is the intended alliteration behind the company’s name “Wix.”

The company has nailed the process of building a website down to a T. They know the bare necessities of any website and help you achieve that goal. 


While Wix has some avenues to do better, the company is still far ahead of its competitors. The company nails its premise of helping young and inexperienced designers build a website with ease.

Of all the reviews we read, there was one common factor – Wix is easy to use. All reviews said that any layperson could use it without a problem. You can get your website on the Ethernet cables in a matter of hours. 

So get your content on the web as soon as you can using Wix, the easiest and most reliable way to make your presence felt on the internet. 


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