How To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

How To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Social networking has become one of the critical tools of sustenance for personal networks and professional ones. In today’s pandemic-struck times, networking and reaching out to each other in the digital space has become crucial.

The job market and professional industry have witnessed a significant hit with the shutting down of physical spaces. It has, at the same time, opened up the vast space of digital media and networking.

New elements of the professional world like work from home, meetings on zoom have all become popular.

Another key tool that has registered success in boosting your professional operation and success is LinkedIn, the most influential and most extensive professional networking platform. 

What Is LinkedIn

What Is LinkedIn

Despite its interface being more or less similar to other social networking websites, the essential task here is to enable networking and your professional pursuit.

LinkedIn differs from other social networking platforms as it works on building your professional identity and connections. Thus, having a profile on LinkedIn means marking your place in its community of professionals.

Moreover, the spectrum of professional engagement is vast, catering to various profiles: entrepreneurs, executive managers of big firms, social workers, politicians, students, journalists, brands, NGOs, etc.

It serves as a digital business card that does the job of engaging with a diverse set of connections and possibly striking important deals or associations. It helps job seekers discover jobs of various kinds and also customize their search feed.

It allows students to connect with professors and scholars from the concerned fields and engage in concerned groups. For brands, it serves as an essential platform to reach out to customers and clients. 

Is LinkedIn Important For Influencers

Is LinkedIn Important For Influencers

 LinkedIn is an ambitious community of professionals seeking the right connections and suitable content to cater to their field of interest and boost their gains.

It could be brand development and engagement, research and community engagement on topics like recruitment trends, higher education prospects, or seeking jobs.

It is a space that thrives big time on marketing one’s brand, whether individualistic or organizational. Influencers play critical roles in raising brand awareness.

They are known for strategically curating their social media, thus gaining attraction and increasing their follower base. Through their content, they first gain followers and then use their brand image to reach out to a large community of consumers.

They could then use their platform to raise awareness about social issues or promoting brands. Many brands opt for influencer marketing to “humanize” their brand outreach campaign as part of their outreach strategy.

It helps boost brand engagement and increase your ratings. The LinkedIn community has many professionals evaluating trends and keeping an eye for the right connection to boost their brand’s engagement.

Most of the brands realize the power of influencer marketing and are thus on the lookout for the right ambassador.

 Thus, influencers need to realize that designing your profile on a professional networking site is highly crucial. 

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid On LinkedIn

Opening up a profile on LinkedIn is not a complicated task. It takes a matter of a few minutes to set up your profile, and then your identity is out there in front of a vast community of approximately 756 million professionals.

It is indeed competitive like any professional space, where all strive hard to make their profiles shine. But, unfortunately, many take the platform for granted with ease of access or do not understand the key facts. 

Some of the crucial places where most users lose the game are:

No/Inappropriate Profile Picture

No/Inappropriate Profile Picture

Most often, users believe that having a profile picture hardly matters. It is only the work and qualifications that will determine one’s success.

However, with LinkedIn being a social networking space, your profile picture and the quality of the same becomes the first step for any prospective connection to know you.

In a physically distant world, it is also a critical element that humanizes you. Thus an appropriate picture is essential. 

Unprofessional Headline

If profile pictures are the doorway to exploring your profile, the headline is the knob. Thus one may choose to access your profile based on your headline.

Headlines in LinkedIn are crucial determiners for connections to show interest in your profile. Putting goofy and random headlines makes it difficult for links to assess you on industry standards. 

Poor Profile Summary

Poor Profile Summary

The summary or about section is a crucial space for your profile. Thus, you can either let the space be dry or catch people’s eye by drafting a creative and robust summary.

It is your chance to introduce yourself/ your brand/organization to potential customers/ clients. Leaving your summary space blank is a major sin that kills your LinkedIn profile.

Poorly drafted summaries with grammatical errors or unclear sentences are a big letdown. Many believe that summarising your past work experience and achievements is needed to fill your summary board.

However, this space is more for adding your personal touch. A high-quality summary should be creative, honest, rich in keywords, and one that opens about your identity and aspirations. 

Uncustomized URL

While LinkedIn does provide each user with a URL, it is lengthy and challenging to follow. The links are not easily shareable and quick to register.

By not customizing the URL, you are one among the many others who submit lengthy profile URLs. Making the right effort can help accentuate the worth of your profile 

Incomplete Resume

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid On LinkedIn

The gold section of your LinkedIn profile is your resume or the section highlighting your education and work experience. A poorly framed resume can be a big turn-off for hiring managers.

It is essential to understand that talent acquisition and hiring managers are constantly evaluating and scanning multiple resumes.

When they come across incomplete resumes that do not properly communicate the work experience (for example, term and nature of employment), it comes across as shoddy drafting and thus gets quickly passed over.

Moreover, not updating crucial milestones like schooling or college means you miss out on connecting with alumni since the LinkedIn algorithm would not make suitable connection recommendations.

No Recommendations

The recommendation section has been particularly provided to boost your credibility and give a different perspective to those visiting your profile.

Many users do not believe in making an effort to request recommendations from their direct connections personally. It simply means you miss out on a crucial opportunity in boosting your profile.  

Keeping The Account Private

While privacy is most important in a personal networking space, you want to increase your visibility to maximum professionals in a job market, making the account private kills all the chances! 

Tips To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

Tips To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

Framing a decent and classy profile does sound like a hard task, but nothing stops your profile from shining when you get the right way. A few principles to achieve a great looking profile are:

  • Make your profile in a flow: When you set out to define your profile, make sure you fill it out in a flow. It ensures that the profile does not look fragmented but has been curated with a single line of thought. Fill out each section thoroughly. 
  • Do a grammar check: While you could afford to miss out on a few typos or silly mistakes on your Facebook profile handles, it might cost you a lot on a professional account. Thus, always make sure to cross-check all content that you put out. Of course, you could also do it through grammar correcting software. 
  • Have a customized URL: While customizing your URL, make sure you use essential keywords like your name or business organization name. Avoid using spooky, philosophical, or metaphorical words. 
  • A decent headshot: Your profile photo should come across as neither a goofy high school kid nor a serious employee smiling for nothing. High-resolution photos are ideal. A headshot with decent lighting is a vital tip to getting the right click!
  • A resonating summary: A summary that resonates with your vision and work culture. Your summary should be a personal statement of intent. It should speak about your aspirations and work ethics, your services, and essential skills. It should be able to tell a story of your most significant accomplishments without sounding boastful. Remember to format your summary just like any other written piece. Make sure to use 2-3 paragraphs, bullet points. Keep the delivery and clarity right.
  • Enhance the Experience section: Your experience section can communicate via words, photos, personal anecdotes, and many more. Rather than simply listing out the companies you’ve worked in, take the time out to detail your work’s nature and impact created. Moreover, use essential toolkits like adding photos, documents, certificates to enhance and optimize your experience section. 
  • Keywords are the key: With the internet providing information every millisecond, keywords make your information appear and reappear in people’s search feed. So make a list of essential words that will resonate with your potential connections and use them thoroughly but not overly. 


Linkedin is a vast space with a mammoth of information, trending topics, articles, profiles, brands, all networking and engaging at the same time. Therefore, one must invest in building their profile so that it is both professional and friendly.

It is a one-stop point where one gets to showcase their expertise and accomplishment. Paying particular attention to each aspect of a LinkedIn profile is crucial toward creating a wholesome and robust brand for oneself.

At the same time, avoid the generic mistakes and adopt unique strategies of expression to stand out!


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