Moz Review

Moz Review

Moz is a comprehensive SEO tool. It is the most widely used tool amongst Fortune 500 companies in the world. Moz has changed the face of search marketing.

It allows you to audit your website, optimize it better for search engines, among other things. You can use Moz to check the growth of your existing backlinks.

It also gives you an all-inclusive report about backlinks that might enhance your website’s visibility. 

Moz is great at analyzing potential issues that search engine crawlers might catch. It corrects potential threats and makes sure your website is well optimized.

Moz is great for maintaining your website’s health. With Moz, you can also check your SERP rankings. Apart from generating great insights for your website, Moz also helps you undertake thorough competitor analysis.

Search engine optimization is vital for a company’s growth. When your website is well optimized for search engines, it increases visibility and improves page hits. SEO is essential for generating traffic.

You can increase your sales, improve page ranking and gain better visibility. Keywords play a significant part in search engine optimization. 

Moz helps you find high-ranking keywords and shows you how to use them. Earlier search engines were not so sophisticated. You could pick out relevant keywords for your website and use them on your website.

That is not how it works anymore. Now, if you need to place your keywords carefully, with Moz, you can figure out which keywords have a high search result and less competition.

Once you’ve picked out the long-tailed and short-tailed keywords, Moz points out exactly where these keywords need to be placed. Whether it is in the metadata, slugs, or blog content, less is more regarding keywords.

Excessive keyword placement can do more damage than good. Search engines consist of highly advanced algorithms. They keep updating their algorithms regularly. 

Moz keeps track of all these updates and analyzes your website based on these changes. Once you subscribe to Moz, you no longer have to worry about your SEO needs.

Search engine optimization can become quite technical, but with Moz, it becomes super easy. Moz fulfills all your SEO needs. Instead of struggling with technical SEO issues, you can focus on your business.

Moz takes care of all your SEO needs with just a few clicks. It does a deep analysis of all your web pages and tells you exactly what needs to be changed. Moz is a one-stop-shop for all your SEO needs.

Explore The Pros And Cons Of Moz

Explore The Pros And Cons Of Moz


  • Moz is an all-in-one SEO tool. It helps you check your domain authority, analyze backlinks, deep keyword searches, among other things. Moz also enables you to explore the performance of your competitors.
  • Moz provides a detailed report of all your websites. It is excellent for small business owners and big agencies. In addition, it gives you clear instructions on how you can make your site better.
  • It provides a free trial. It means you don’t have to invest money without trying the tools. Once you are comfortable using Moz, you can upgrade to their paid version.
  • Moz is highly cost-effective. It costs less than most SEO tools on the market. However, just because it costs less doesn’t mean it is less effective. Big companies like Trivago and Zillow use Moz to optimize their business.
  • It provides users with an extension called Moz Bar. Once you install this on your website, you can check a website’s page rank, domain authority, and so on.
  • Moz also provides users with tutorials that help them learn the software. The informational blogs keep you updated about the latest search engine upgrades. They are great for sharpening your SEO skills. 
  • Moz is user-friendly. It is excellent for both advanced users and first-time users. Unlike other SEO tools, Moz does not overwhelm you. It does not confuse the user. It is one of the most straightforward SEO tools on the market.
  • Moz provides detailed reports of your website. The reports help you track your website’s growth. You can also use it to analyze your client’s websites. 
  • Moz offers excellent customer support. You can reach them by call, email, or live chat. They are always available to help you out. The customer care representatives are polite and strive to resolve your issues.


  • Some features of Moz need to be automated. These features automatically shut off. You might need to switch these features on and off manually.
  • Moz is better for clients than for web marketers. If you are an online marketing agency, you can give them access to Moz. It is easy for them to get an in-depth report of their website. It isn’t as technically advanced for web experts. 
  • It is harder to navigate through Moz. Other SEO tools are much more intuitive and easier to use.
  • Some features do not function properly. For example, the reports might get delayed.
  • In comparison to other tools, Moz has fewer features. It is okay for freelancers, but you need advanced features if you are running a big company.
  • Moz offers too much data; this makes it hard to pick out relevant information.

Domain Analysis

Domain Analysis

Moz offers an in-depth domain analysis. It checks the domain’s authority and strength. The strength of a domain helps determine a website’s performance. This information is not set in stone.

It is only an overview of your domain. Domain analysis is done by Moz and not by Google. It is an approximate calculation of multiple factors. Moz checks the total number of links, the strength of the root links, and other such factors.

Based on this information, Moz then gives your domain a DA score. This score is between one to a hundred. A high score means your domain report is solid. AI-based algorithms do domain analysis.

These algorithms measure your domains by calculating data from their link explorer web index. Domain authority helps you understand how well your website will rank on a search engine.

Moz runs your domain link through its system. It calculates the strength of your domain by comparing it to other links. Domain Analysis is based on machine learning calculations. It means your score can fluctuate.

DA is calculated based on different data points. If these data points change, so will your score. Domain analysis should be used as a comparative metric. It is in no way the final analysis of your domain.

If you want to know whether your SEO techniques are working or not, you should see how well your website ranks on a Google search. That is an effective way to measure your domain strength.

Of course, this is a fundamental way to check your domain strength. If you want a detailed report, then Moz is the way to go.

You can use Moz’s domain analysis tool and also check your website’s ranking on search engines. It will give you an overview of your domain strength.

A new website starts with a DA score of one. As you tweak your website, the DA score will increase. Websites with high-quality backlinks get a high DA score.

These websites also have a large number of backlinks. Small websites with a few high-quality backlinks receive a lower score. As these factors fluctuate, so will your DA score.

Once Moz gives you a DA score, it helps you improve that score further. If you follow their instructions, your domain strength will increase. You can enhance a DA score with multiple tools and suggestions provided by Moz.

It is only the first part of analyzing the health of your website.

Backlink Profile Checker

Backlink Profile Checker

Moz’s backlink profile checker provides an in-depth analysis of your backlink. Moz has a database of 40 trillion backlinks. Moz’s in-built link checker checks these backlinks. All you have to do is type your URL into the link checking bar.

Once you get an in-depth analysis of your backlink, you can start creating a concrete strategy to enhance your website. The best way to check your website’s health is by checking the quality of your backlinks.

With Moz’s backlink checker, you can monitor and review your backlinks with ease. Moz points out the broken links. Fixing broken links is extremely important.

A broken link can damage your website’s SERP rank. In addition, you might lose traffic because of a broken link. It is not possible to keep a constant check on your links, which is why Moz is so essential.

It keeps track of your broken links and helps you fix them.

Moz also guides you to reduce spam links on your website. Moz’s backlink profile checker can maintain your website’s hygiene. Spam links can hamper the growth of your website.

It restricts traffic and reduces your site’s visibility. Moz also lets you check your competitor’s backlinks. You can check what is working for your competitor and apply it to your backlinking strategy.

Moz also enables you to check which websites are providing backlinks to your competitor. You can reach out to these websites and get a backlink from them. Moz allows you to analyze anchor text.

It lets you check the anchor text of every backlink, domain, and URL. With Moz, you can analyze the number of backlinks you are losing and gaining. You can also explore the quality of each link.

It is crucial to have high-quality backlinks that generate traffic. But more isn’t always good. Some websites may have a high number of backlinks, but the quality of these links might be below.

It is essential to focus on the quality of a backlink rather than quantity. If you have a high number of good-quality links, then there is nothing like it.

SEO Competitor Research

SEO Competitor Research

Moz’s SEO competitor research tool allows you to check your competitor’s SEO strategies. With this tool, you can narrow your competitor’s keywords, backlinks, content, and other vital SEO information.

Based on the results, you can come up with robust SEO strategies for your website. A solid SEO strategy will help pull your competitors’ traffic to your website.

Thanks to Moz’s SEO competitor research tool, you no longer have to assume your competitor’s strategies. You can get an actual report of which keywords are working for them.

It also helps you see which websites are providing them with effective backlinks. You can also check which backlinks are working and which backlinks aren’t working.

Moz also enables you to know what type of content is working for your competitors. For example, you can see which blog topics are performing better than others. With this tool, you can get real-time data from your competitors.

By picking out your SEO competitors, you can understand what is missing from your SEO strategy. Moz shows you the keywords being used by your competitors.

You can use these keywords in your content strategy. Keywords are essential for SEO. Once you understand which keywords work for your competitor, you can ingest them into your SEO strategy.

With Moz’s SEO competitor research tool, you can easily beat your competitors.

Keyword Search

Keyword Search

Moz’s keyword explorer tool helps you understand which keywords will be good for your business. Moz has a database of 500 million keywords. It provides you with significant traffic driving keywords.

You can search the right keywords from Moz’s 180 million new ranking keywords and 170 Google search engines. Moz’s keyword search tool assures 95% accuracy.

You can predict the search volume of each keyword. It also gives you the option of generating and saving keyword lists. Moz helps you predict the difficulty and expected click-through rate of a keyword.

You can also check the keywords that your competitors are using. Using the right keywords enables you to drive traffic to your website. You can use Moz’s keyword search tool to find long-tailed keywords in question formats.

Pricing And Plans

Pricing And Plans

Moz provides users with a free trial and a free version of the tool. The Standard plan starts at $99/month. If you pay annually, then the same plan costs $79/month.

The Medium plan costs $149/month. It costs $119/month if you pay annually. The Large Plan costs $249/month. When you pay for the whole year, the plan costs $199/month.

The Premium Plan by Moz costs $599/month. You also have the option to pay this annually. In this case, the Premium package will cost $479/month.

Final Verdict

Moz is an effective SEO tool for freelancers and small business owners. It is affordable and easy to use. Moz is client-friendly. It is also great for big agencies that perform search engine optimization for their client’s websites.

Moz is not the best tool for search marketers. It comes with a vast library of tutorials. You can use the version or the free trial provided by Moz.

Moz is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to improve the search engine optimization of their website.


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